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This is an incredible PREMIUM tile and wood floor repair and injectable product. There is no comparison to other adhesives in the tenting, hollow tile repair and tile injection field. Also good for squeaky wood floors. 


Fix your floor! This adhesive works on tile to tile, tile to wood, wood to wood, tile to painted concrete, wood flooring to concrete, tile to metal. 


NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE IN WET AREAS! Do not have shipped when it is below 40 Degrees Fahrenheit.


Use with Standard Caulking Gun. For one time use. Shake well before using. Please stand tube upright while cutting the tip of the tube off so as not to drain product out before use, then hold finger over opening until tip is inserted in pre-drilled opening. Please allow 12 hours for product to set. 


Will cover approximately 4.2 sq ft depending on the empty void under the tiles. 


We would like to give credit to Arthur DiStefano and his "Method For Resetting Separated Tiles" Patent #5,000,890. Without his invention of a method of Tile Injection, you would not need our adhesive today.


All Containers, Adhesive and Labels are Made & Manufactured in the USA.


  • Identify hollow tiles by tapping lightly with a rubber mallet or small wooden dowel.

  • Use blue painters’ tape to mark the area and take a picture for future proof of where you have injected and repaired the floor.

  • Drill into the grout joint with 4 to 8 injector holes around the loose tiles.

  • Drill slightly below the tile being careful not to drill into the edges of the tile.

  • Do not drill into the sub-floor.

  • Vacuum or shop vac each hole, tapping gently to loosen debris.

  • Cut tip to desired size.

  • Using a standard Caulking gun, insert cut tip into injector hole.

  • Apply light pressure while keeping tip off of the sub-floor and squeeze slowly.

  • If a hole is blocked, move on to the next hole and inject until you see the adhesive come up through the other holes.

  • If no adhesive comes up, check with rubber mallet to make sure the sound is solid.

  • Clean up with warm water using a damp sponge or rag.

  • Place weighted objects such as buckets of water on the injected area and allow 12 to 24 hours drying time.

  • Re-fill injected holes with matching caulk or grout.

  • By injecting your tile floor you have saved a lot of money!


Attention: U.S. Patent #5,000,890 (DiStefano Patent, our preferred method) claims a method for tile repair by injection of adhesive and is in the public domain. This method may freely be used. Other methods may also be available.

10.6 oz Tube REPTILE Premium Loose Tile Adhesive-Order and Ship ABOVE 40 Degrees

SKU: 364215376135191
    • Non-Toxic.
    • Clean up with warm water.
    • Shelf life of one year unopened.
    • Low viscosity.
    • Do not use in wet areas such as showers.
    • Reccomended to not have shipped when below 40 Degrees Fahrenheit.
    • 12 hours drying time.
    • Shake well before using.
    • Not for wall tile or backsplash repairs.
    • All Containers, Adhesive and Labels are Made & Manufactured in the USA!
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